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Speed Density cable $45.00

Speed Density cable
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This cable allows the user to install a GM or AEM IAT sensor and any GM-style MAP sensor (including our 4-bar GM-style sensor) without the hassle of cutting wires on the factory wiring harness. Just plug this harness in to your stock MAS connector and your IAT/MAP sensors and you're ready to go!
This cable connects the IAT sensor to the factory Intake Temp input pin and the MAP sensor to the factory Baro input pin. So when configuring the ECMLink software, those are the pins you'll need to specify and use.

2G & EVO1-3 NOTE: This cable ties the pressure sensor directly to the ECU's baro input. The baro input of the 2G and EVO1-3 ECUs may not be compatible with some aftermarket pressure sensors, though. You can get more information on the 2G Baro and EVO1-3 Baro pages. Note that our 4-bar MAP sensor does work fine without any modifications at all. This note only applies to other sensors like the GM 3-bar and 3.3-bar sensors (and maybe others).

ADDITIONAL NOTE #1: If you order IAT and/or MAP sensors along with this cable, you will NOT receive the wiring pigtails that normally come with those sensors because this cable incorporates those connectors already. If you really need the pigtails for some reason, just put a note in your order comments during checkout and we'll include them.

ADDITIONAL NOTE #2: If for some reason you decide to cut off the GM-style MAP connector to wire in a different one, you will need to know the assignment of each wire. See below:
Pink: +5V power
Gray: Signal
White: Ground
: *
: *
: *
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