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ECMlink SD bundle

ECMlink SD bundle
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SD bundle (GM-style MAP, IAT, pigtails and bung)

The complete set up for running speed density with ECMLink. A reliable 4-bar MAP sensor and a GM IAT sensor complete with pigtails and bung.

If you're looking for true "plug-n-play" then be sure to check out our direct-connect SD cable. Our SD cable plugs into place of your MAF sensor with pig tails all ready to go for the MAP and IAT sensors.

If you have a 2G or EVO-style MDP flange on your intake manifold and you have an MDP connector on your wiring harness, you may be more interested in our Mitsu-MDP style SD bundle instead.
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8100 5W40 X-CLEAN C3 -505 01-502 00-505 00-LL04-229.51-229.31-Porsche A40-FORD 917A-GM Dexos2 SPECIFIC 505 01 502 00 505 00 - 5W40
300V LE MANS 20W60 12X2L SHOCK OIL "FACTORY LINE" VI400 - 100% Synthetic Ester
Grey Turbo Blanket Stage III EVO 2.4L Race Shortblock
Innovate 3832 Innovate 3834
2G/ EVO 2.1l De-Stroked 4G64 Manley Pistons

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