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ECMlink V3

ECMlink V3
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ECMLink is the result of nearly 3 years of work. We took an already perfectly good package and made it better. A LOT better. Everything was redesigned, rebuilt, and recoded to roll in everything we've learned from our first 6 years of business. V3 isn't really an upgrade as much as it is a completely new product! The full feature list just isn't practical in this small space.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: A listing of the basic system requirements can be found on our System Requirements page.

TURN AROUND TIME: If you are placing an order that includes socket service, then you will need to send us your ECU to be socketed. As long as we receive your ECU by UPS, we can almost always get it back out the same day we receive it. Other carriers may add a day's delay. If you are placing an order without socket service and do so before noon eastern time, we can usually get it out same day.

SOCKET/CONVERSION Check to see if your ECU needs to be socketed. Our socket service page page has details on how to check. If you need to send us your EPROM ECU to be socketed, then be sure to select the Socket EPROM ECU option below.

If you need us to convert your non-EPROM (1990-1997) ECU to EPROM, then select the non-EPROM Conversion option below. To get more details on the non-EPROM conversion option, see the 1G non-EPROM (1990-1994) conversion page or 2G non-EPROM (1995-1997) conversion page.

GM MAF AND MAFT: If you do NOT plan to run a GM MAF at all, then you can ignore this entire section. It is NOT required to run a GM MAF to use ECMLink. It's simply an option for those that need it.

When selecting MAF Type below, please be aware of the difference between running a GM MAF straight to the ECU using our GM MAF cable vs. running a GM MAF through a MAF translator. If you're running a MAF translator, you should select the option below specifically for GM with MAFT.

If you plan to run the GM MAF straight to the ECU without a MAFT, then you will also need one of our GM MAF cables. This can be added below as an order option if you need it.

SPEED DENSITY NOTE: If you plan to run speed density instead of a mass airflow sensor, you'll need to select "Stock MAF" below as your MAF Type and then simply configure the ECU yourself when you get it installed in your car. Instructions on configuring speed density can be found on our SD Setup page. To keep the order form from getting any more complicated, we have chosen to leave speed density off the list because that selection requires even more information (which MAP sensor you have installed and on which ECU input, which varies depending on ECU, etc.).

SETTINGS BELOW: The settings below are used to provide an initial configuration in your flash module when we ship it to you. You can definitely change all these settings yourself at any time, including injector compensation and MAF type or switch to speed density, etc., etc.
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