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Evo SWIFT Track Series Coilover

Evo SWIFT Track Series Coilover
SKU MR-CDK-MLE03TS + SW-Z65-178-120
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Evo SWIFT Track Series Coilover

Model Number : MR-CDK-MLE03TS + SW-Z65-178-120 + SW-Z65-203-100

For those who demand the absolute most in handling and performance from their vehicle, Megan Racing has developed a new series of fully adjustable Coil-Over Damper kits for limited applications. The new Swift-Track-Series Coil-over Damper Kit surely stands out above the rest with the dependability and performance that Megan Racing suspension products are known for. With a gunmetal finish for the brackets and Swift Metric Coilover Springs for lighter unsprung mass, smoother weight transferring, lower tire temperature, and increased ability to anticipate vehicle reaction, it is apparent that the Megan Racing Swift-Track-Series dampers mean business. However, beyond their aggressive appearance stands the true essence of these Dampers. The increased spring rates, mated with more aggressively valved dampers, stiffer shock setting, and heavy-duty piston construction add up to a suspension system that out-performs most competing suspensions that retail for almost twice the price.

Set as an option for those who demand a more aggressive suspension setup compared to our Street-Series Damper Kits, the Swift-Track-Series Damper Kits provide higher spring rates to accommodate for smoother circuit and road course conditions with matching damper capabilities to handle the heavier spring rates. The ease of use and adjustability remains the same to that of our Street-Series Damper Kits where ride height, camber adjustment (for strut-type applications) and separate spring perch are present features to allow the full customization of suspension tuning while retaining full shock stroke, and allowing the tuner to set corner balance of the vehicle to optimize the handling characteristics of the vehicle.


Mitsubishi Evo8/9 03-06

F: 65mm ID; 178mm length; 12 kg/mm
R: 65mm ID; 203mm length; 10 kg/mm

F: 120mm stroke; 280mm length; M3 X valving code
R: 135mm stroke; 280mm length; A1 X valving code

- 32 Levels of Damper Force Adjustment

- Rubber Dust Boots

- Wide-Range Adjustable Ride Height

- Competition Spring Rates

- Motor-sport Inspired Mono-Tube Design

- Aluminum Brackets

32 Levels of Adjustment:

1-8: Suggested for track use.
9-16: Suggested for mountain/aggressive use.
17-32: Suggested for common street use.

- All coil-over damper kits come with 1 year manufacturer-defect warranty.

- All Hardware is Included
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