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FID EVO 8/9 Stock Replacement Manifold

FID EVO 8/9 Stock Replacement Manifold
SKU FID EVO 8/9 Stock Replacement
Our price: $950.00
Product info
The FiD Evo 8/9 Stock Frame efficient tubular header and merge collector design promotes quick spoolup and maximum power to take full advantage of the stock and stock-frame turbo.
20+ whp & 10+ wtq gain over competitor's popular oem-ported manifold
100% 304 Stainless Steel thick-wall equal length manifold with narrow angle twin scroll merge collectors.
304 Stainless Steel CNC machined 3D header flange (1/2" thick).

304 Stainless Steel CNC machined Turbine Inlet flange (1/2" thick).
Header flange and turbine flange decked pre and post welded.
Clears all accessories and sensors, does not require extra heat shielding.
Carries Lifetime warranty to the original purchaser
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