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Magnus 1G Cast manifold

Magnus 1G Cast manifold
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If you?ve been around long enough, you remember when Magnus brought affordable 4 cylinder intake manifolds to the mass market. That was 12 years ago. From our humble beginnings of hacking up and reworking stock manifolds, to our signature tapered plenum sheetmetal offerings, our designs continue to be improved and refined. Since our first designs, we have constantly pushed the envelope of 4 cylinder engine technology, particularly intake manifold design, to performance levels we never dreamed would be possible when we first started down this road. The latest generation sheetmetal Magnus intake manifold is on its 8th revision, and each change performed better than the previous version. How did we do it? Through constant research, advanced airflow studies, reinvestment in new technologies, and most of all, through racing. We race what we sell, we sell what we race ? and our stuff wins. We don?t just videotape our test runs, we compete at the highest levels of motorsports where ?second best
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